I wanted to try Inasphere as I had tried, unsuccessfully, to meditate at home. There was never the time, or if an opportunity arose, I found it hard to create the right environment and then if I managed all this,  I just couldn't quieten my mind and I’d get irritated and give up.

At Pear Tree Studios, Catherine creates a space in which I only have to show up and immerse myself in her teaching.  No fuss, no excuses, no reasons not to.  I was intrigued by the idea of movement being included in meditation and truth be told a little unsure if it would work for me.  In reality it works wonderfully!  The movements are very gentle and provide my mind with just enough to occupy it and this in itself leads to some very deep meditation.  The movements are graceful and Catherine’s clear instruction make them easy to follow.  We are held in a peaceful place where, if you do make a mistake, no one is watching and it really doesn’t matter anyway.  I like the fact we move positions between standing, sitting on a stool or on cushions and each meditation is appropriate to each position.

The use of visualisation, including colours and geometry is powerful in a way I can’t explain but the hour goes by, my mind is quiet, my body relaxes and I’m left with a wonderful, serene feeling I don’t get anywhere else!


I realised today how amazing you are – you are streets ahead of most mental health experts!  As a part of my stress management whilst off work it was suggested to me to complete some sessions on mindfulness.  I started a computer course and quickly realised that you did exactly the same thing but better at your inasphere workshops.  So rather than listen to an American woman on the computer please could I come to your inasphere class every Friday morning.


I started learning ‘Inasphere’ after a friend told me how beneficial she found it. It becomes easier with practise to let your random thoughts drift away, particularly when Catherine helps us to visualise colours and shapes. I feel calm and relaxed during the process and this is carried with me for the rest of the day.  I am sure along with physical exercise, it keeps the body and mind in a healthy state.


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