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Movement & Meditation

We will use subtle movement (similar to tai chi) and the breath to move, redistribute and expand energy in and around the body.  This is enhanced by connecting to midline/spine/chakra energy system, colour and shape visualisation to provide a gateway for dynamic stillness, meditation and heightened energy awareness.

As we enter a state of heightened energy awareness we can begin to perceive our own vibration/frequency. We can begin to clear, refine and rebalance all systems of the body.  Thereby strengthening and building our own internal energy system.

The law of attraction dictates that whatever frequency our energy is resonating at, we will attract to ourselves situations and experiences that resonate at the same frequency.

Imagination used with intention is a powerful force for vibrational shift and change. We live in a logical, linear, practical world leaving little room for the creative process. Our imagination is the key and route into these sessions.

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